NEW Six Deuce Shirts now Available

Finally got these shirts finished up, hope you like them! 

We switched to a slightly more "fitted" tee, and went tagless as well.  I'm sure you'll appreciate the upgrade in quality.  They're soft and super comfortable to wear.

Also, on a sad note, we are discontinuing our "MMA.TV" t-shirts, and they are on clearance sale for the special price of $14.95.  Own a piece of UG history!  Once they're gone, they're gone...

Check it all out at SIX DEUCE GEAR



Quik I'll have my order in soon.  still free shipping to Sioux City?

FREE shipping to USA and Canada and inexpensive international shipping :)




 I've got my order placed, excellent stuff Quik!

holy shit. thats all ass!

 :D thanks!

 Also just placed an order. =)

Are you switching to a shirt in place of


this is not fair

price on t-s and ass?

Thanks guys, I appreciate it!
Yelm, I hope so, but I'm not sure...still need to chat with Kirik about it. They might sell it directly?

ARTISTofMMA, I'll have to find out if the girls come with the shirts :)

Malachy, all the girls are from the Seattle area...move there and the hookup is YOURS.


i know...i got my ex out in seatle so i cant go there

ill just deal with a shirt and making low budget homemade porn in south carolina

Malachy, you're a rolling stone...what address should I send the shirts to?


lol..I think I am too...thanks for the offer though

 lol, I went to highscool with the last girl.  Her name is Benilda.