New Star Wars is "Take on Trumpian World"

The year is 2584.

Liberals are trying to fight Trump in outer space.


All the rumors about Hunter are right-wing conspiracies.

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How are people still watching this shit.

They have not made a decent movie in decades

Well, i guess I don’t care. We jUst cancelled Disney today for economic reasons to save money. Fuck em anyway.

It jumped the shark when it canceled the Canon of books and comics. Last nail in the coffin was the woke shit.


Trump absolutely shattered the soul of most of the Hollywood writing staffs.


I’m going to withhold judgement.

Just because Fiona Shaw says it is so, doesn’t mean it is so. It could just be that is how she sees it through her TDS lens. Plus, what the fuck would she know about Trump and Trumpism anyway? She’s from an elitist dyke from Ireland. I don’t place much stock in non-Americans takes on Trump. None of them have bothered to get much more than an MSM surface-level take on what goes on over here in the new world, so of course they all think he is the antichrist.

These washed-up old celebrities have found they can get attention and praise again by attacking Trump or repeating “the message”. It’s pathetic when you see how shallow it is.

I bet it will be a lot cheaper filling up that millennium falcon.

We got a couple of episodes in to Obi Wan and just had to tap out. I just can’t do it anymore.

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Wow Trump becoming President really did fuck peoples heads, they just can’t let it go!


I’m shocked “The Boys” isn’t getting shit on more here. That has to be the most woke/trump inspired show I have ever seen.

I just steal it.



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Or if in Top Gun 2, the black student guns down Maverick with ease every time they fight, but he gets called to an even more important mission so Tom Cruise has to go on the one in the movie.