New stars = punks

Whats with the new stars in the league.... guys like kovalchuk, lecvalier, thornton, spezz .... they all seem to be spoiled little punks

Don't get me wrong they are great hockey players but they just seem like brats to me ... if it isn't going their way out there.. they pout throw temper tantrums, these guys will stick your teeth out, cross check you whatever if they get into thier little hissy fits... they don't think about the team, they don't care if they take a dumb penalty becuase they might be getting checked to closely

What are your thoughts on the young guns in our game? i don't think any of them deserve to be wearing "C"'s or "A"'s and some veterans on thier teams need to have a chat with them

I agree; Spezza especially, looks like he's getting a bj whenever he's getting interviewed lol

I would say Datsyuk is definitelty an exception.