New Steve Cotter Kettlebell Book


 I hope it's better than the Gabe Kotter instructional

 How does it compare to Pavel Tsatsouline's Enter the Kettlebell? I was watching some Pavel yesterday. I love that guy!

Looks great...I want to get KettleBells (my gym only has one!)but Steve Cotter's FullKOntact's Professional ones are so damn expensive....can't you get the same results with cheaper versions? Is there any advantage to the Professionals?

You can waste your money on the power systems, because you'll find out that they're poorly constructed, the handles are so rough that they'll tear up your hands in the first session.

Our gym has two complete sets. Dragondoor and Power Systems. Everyone uses the DD bells for KB work. The power systems bells people only use for curls and shrugs, not much else.

Check out the Kaizen kettlebells. I haven't used them, but they've been getting great reviews. The handles are completely smooth and thicker than the dragondoor ones.