New Stitches Tune: Shes The Devil - real talk.

STITCHES"She's The Devil"

Holy fuck thats terrible. Lol @ the dorks on the instruments.

Dude should go back to rappin about sellin blow and leave this singin bullshit behind. Phone Post 3.0

I wonder who told him he could sing? Phone Post 3.0

Wow that's soooooo bad. Just awful. Really really bad. Even for him who was already awful. That's below his already low standards. Subterranean. Atrocious.

Another club banger from the hood banger

lo I'll put my heart in yo face!

can't wait to see the next episode of his train wreck of a career


And the new teddy bear ink on his forehead is a nice compliment to the AK. Phone Post 3.0

How did he get famous? Phone Post 3.0

DrunkinHatchy - How did he get famous? Phone Post 3.0
He put "Brick In Yo Face" on world star. Phone Post 3.0


My new favorite

Stitches - One Million Dimes


Adele lawsuit incoming! lol.

God damnn that's the realest shit I ever heard crazydave

It's hard to respect an artist when they make a song that is pretty clearly a money grab aimed at the wedding industry. Released in the the middle of wedding season, also. What a surprise.

That second verse wasn't THAT bad on one million dimes. Probably his best one ever. Which isn't saying much.

That being said, is he a moran, or a fucking marketing genius? Phone Post 3.0

crazydave -
STITCHES"She's The Devil"
What's this Linkin Park shit? Phone Post 3.0

Oh my god that was awful Phone Post 3.0

Wow.  This guy is edgy.  I'm a fan. 

I'll be back for this later Phone Post 3.0

The voice of an angel Phone Post 3.0