New Storm Typhoon GI (A2) for Sale

I have a brand new unworn Storm Typhoon Gi in a size A2 for sale. ITs the white one, never washed, worn, or unfolded for that matter. Price is $120 obo plus s&h. Thanks.

Do you still have this gi? If so, email me. Phone Post

If it was an A1 I would buy it Phone Post

My size too.... Daaaamnnnnnnnnn Phone Post

Too late gentlemen, I already snagged it. Phone Post

Congrats. That's a beautiful gi Phone Post

Now that your gi is sold, let me high jack your thread, I have a white Storm "96"I wore once and washed twice in cold and hung dry. I paid over $210 before shipping any one want before I throw it up on eBay? Taking decent offers Phone Post

Size? Phone Post

FC_Kicked_My_Aspergers - 

Size? Phone Post

oops, A2

Ahh shitttt... My size too. Man I'm so tempted but I'm so sorry I can't justify that kind of cash on equipment right now :( that's such a great gi too. I hope someone takes it off your hands though. Phone Post

It's on sale right now on BJJHQ for $150. Phone Post

Typhoon is not the 96 Phone Post

On a related note .. How do u sale a gi thru this forum and trust the buyers and sellers are legit? Phone Post

GrapplerX - Typhoon is not the 96 Phone Post

Was talking about the thread title... Phone Post