new strikeforce girl is super yummy

she seems so lonely up there

who is she?


 Corrisa Furr

thank you good sir


Kelli Hutcherson i always liked more

Corrisa Furr is already on my p4p list

Arianny has been dropped off the top 10

maybe Im seeing things but are you sure this is Corrisa?

seems to be a different girl

 Not 100% sure, but figured it was

UG we need to solve this mystery

Sub'd for more pics of Corrisa, or Kelli, hopefully of both, together would be more awesome Phone Post

Carissa Furr - Maxim photo shoot

 I'm on it, standby

kimuralock -  

 Corrisa Furr

I would caress her fur . Phone Post


Kelli Hutcherson

now that zuffa owns strikeforce they need to give us names and bios of these strikeforce girls.

the blonde is amazing.. and i like brunettes..


Corrisa Furr

I loves me some Kelli


Sure why not: Mercedes Terrell - Bellator

 that bellator chick is doper than any of the UFC ring girls.