New Stuff @ Store

We just got a new load of new products at the store ( only . It will be up at the website soon ) .
Ouano Gloves
Tap Out T-shirts , beanning , caps and more
Mizuno Gis
Gracie Gear
Leo Viera DVDs
ADCC Best of Trials ( DVD )
Gracie Academy Videos
New Açai Energy Smoothies READY TO DRINK
and More , Check It Out !!
4646 Manhatan Beach Blvd
Lawndale Ca 90260

Also We have;
Koral , Krugans , Kimono Fighter , Vasco , Dragão , Pro Gear , Adidas , Keiko , Hunter , Pride , Chute Box , Wanderlei Silva , Hot Blood and more .

ttt for Jiu Jitsu pro gear!!! Awesome service

awesome, I'll be calling on Monday!

shop phone # 310-3700116

Hey Gilberto, My instructor, Arthur Ruff, told me that you will be coming out with a new gi. If so, what kind of information can you give me on it? Who manufactures it comparable to other brands?


I will send a sample to prof-Arthur Ruff this week .
What I can say is ;
Ultra Light Summer Gi ( honey comb weave ) It weight about 1.9 pounds the complete set .

is this available in blue ?
any pricing? thanks


It is available on White only . Not posted on our website yet . You can order our Summer Gi over the phone or at our store . $70.00

KDTA how your kimono survey is doing . Can You send me a link. I want to see how Koral is doing by now.

Gilberto, do you guys have the December and January issues of Gracie Mag in yet?

Hi Gilberto

Koral 92 owners
Koral 25 recommendations (27% of owners)

We Got Dec issue in stock now

great! can you send it please! This is Guyzinho from

thanks bro

website is down...


ttt for Gilberto !!!


Hi JJprogear,

Do you have a picture of your summer gi? Is the collar pretty thick? Does the gi have a seam down the back of the gi? How are the pants? Are these gi's available now? Does it have any logo's or patches on them. Thanks a lot.

Ok I will post a picture on the web site ASAP (

It is bleach gi , no patches , no embroidery , there is rubber inside the colar ( just like Koral Kimonos ) , A very light fabric developed for us , the fabric weave looks like a honey comb . It is a great light weight gi for competition and for the summer time.$75.00
We have in stock now . Available by phone orders only .

TTT for the pics of the new Koral hoodies