NEW Submission Defense App for Android; Half Price

Hi everyone!

Well, it's finally out.  The Submission Defense app for your Android Phones and Tablets! (The Apple version of this app came out earlier this year).

This app covers 26 of my favorite techniques, tricks and concepts to get out of the most common submissions you'll run into on the mats.  It includes techniques to escape from submissions before, during, and after the submission is fully applied.

I think it's my best app yet, and it comes with a free lesson from my Black Belt Concepts Course on shutting down your opponent's closed guard offense.

The Android App is in the Google Play store at the following link and in the Amazon store here

If you want it for your iPhone or iPad you can get it in iTunes here

I'll post some excerpts below

Thank you,

Stephan Kesting

P.S. As with all my new apps I'm offering a significant discount for the first few days.  For this app I'm knocking the price down from $3.99 to $1.99, so you're saving 50% by grabbing it right now.


How to escape the Triangle Choke

How to defend and escape the Armbar from Guard

How to escape the Kimura from Top Position

How to defend and escape the Kneebar

How to get out of the Rear Naked Choke

Link for the Android version of this app:

Here's a list of the techniques and sections in the app: quite a bit of material really!

1. Armbar from Guard: Awareness and Prevention
2. Armbar from Guard: Lion Kill Defense
3. Armbar form Guard: Ninja Star Escape
4. Armbar from Top: Awareness and Prevention
5. Armbar from Top: Clear & Bridge Counter
6. Armbar from Top: Hitchhiker Escape
7. Triangle Choke: Awareness and Prevention
8. Triangle Choke: Stack and Spin Escape
9. Triangle Choke: Foot in Armpit Escape
10. Omoplata: Awareness and Prevention
11. Omoplata: Cartwheel Escape
12. Omoplata: Rolling Counter
13. Guillotine Choke: Awareness and Prevention
14. Guillotine Choke: Run Around Counter
15. Guillotine Choke: Arm Over Shoujlder Escape
16. Arm Triangle Choke: Awareness and Prevention
17. Arm Triangle Choke: Reguarding Counter
18. Arm Triangle Choke: Leg Grab Counter
19. Rear Naked Choke: Awareness and Prevention
20. Rear Naked Choke: Block and Slide Counter
21. Rear Naked Choke: Unwrapping the RNC
22. Americana Armlock: Awareness and Prevention
23. Americana Armlock: Elbow Push Counter
24. Americana Armlock: Straight Arm and Spin
25. Kimura from Guard: Awareness and Prevention
26. Kimura from Guard: Taking the Back Counter
27. Kimura from Guard: Hand Sandwich Counter
28. Kimura Shoulderlock: Awareness and Prevention
29. Kimura Shoulderlock: Half Guard Defense
30. Kimura Shoulderlock: Grip Strip Counter
31. Kneebar: Awareness and Prevention
31. Kneebar: Triangle and Crossface
33. Kneebar: Leg Pry Escape
34. Straight Footlock: Awareness and Prevention
35. Straight Footlock: Standup Counter
36. Straight Footlock: Hip Hop Counter