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You plan that far ahead?


So then, can I ask when any Acrocombatics material is coming out? ;)

Any hints for what you have planneed for projects 1-7?

I second that on the Tempering.

We, as a nation, need to recapture both the tempered will and spirit of our forefathers. Of course, that type of heart has to have a strong, tempered body as a foundation.

One thing I HATE to see is the condition my wife and I call "fluffiness"! (technically speaking lol) If you go the health food stores here in Austin, you'll see thousands of people going in and out daily who eat the bran muffins and tofu and swear that they are living healthy. However, they look--"fluffy"! lol This is not attack on persons with obesity by the way, I'm talking about people within normal weight guidelines, but they just look so damn SOFT! Like the stay puff marshmellow man.

Now, I have nothing against bran muffins and tofu per se, I happen to know some vegetatrians that train BJJ, lift weights and are definitely hard core. The type that I'm referring to are the ones who eat grain all day (mooooo), don't exercise and would piss in their pants if they ever were forced to pick up arms. I think you get the picture.

Tempering. That's what our country needs. Yeah.


How about doing a video on nutrition and Tempering...that would be great...what do you think?


Reference Pavel's book( Power to the People ) for more details.

Basically the metal bending is my way of teaching my muscles to create more tension without having to bulk them up, sort of like fortifying the bridge between your muscles and your brain. Pavel's primary focus is on strength without having to bulk up, although he does know how to create monsters if that is your interest.

Limit your options, limit your survival.


paradigmer ,
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Tempering is the positive use of the S.A.I.D. principle .

Every moment of everyday you are conditioning your self .

Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands

We are always conditioning , but we are not always training. The distinction is that training intends to foster positive developement. Where as sitting on the couch, watching TV, and eating greasy potato chips may not be so positive.

An example of training with little contrast could be,

Sitting on the chair, attending your structural alignment while doing multiple joint circles, and watching ROSS videos.(LOL)

IMPORTANT, above is just an example, deffinately not optimal training.

Tempering is most commonly used in reference to things like Shockabsorbtion, cold weather conditoning(cold water dousing), the bending of metal to increase neurological efficiency.

In other systems such as Muay Thai the conditioning of shins could be considered tempering. Although it may not be in a ROSSfull way.

You can go the forum on and do a Word Search for Tempering I think I found your name on some of the results from the 2001 Archives.

let me know if you need any more info.

Limit your options limit your survival.

Dani'l Chomycia

bending of metal..increases neurologic effec.?????



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