new tat (pic)

24 hours old.


Very nice. I want one soon. Not that tat though.

i see alot of Coi fish, I know there was a thread on here about em before.....but what exactly is the symbolism?


as far as what they mean in japanese tattoo's i'm not sure. i think they mean different things depending on which way they are swimming or something. not sure really. i've always thought actual  Koi fish ponds were awesome and actually looked into doing one at home. a small one but i live in the northeast and unless i outfitted my entire basement for the cold months ( lol, which is like 8 here) it wouldn't work. oh and $$$$$!!!!  so i like the japanese link, and the actual Koi fish so now i can have my Koi fish.

The koi is a symbol of bravery and courage in Japan. There is a big myth that they bravely climb waterfalls and that, if caught, they will lie still on the cutting board waiting for the knife. The last part there is significant because it is so similar to the samurai's courage.

i could hang out here for hours.

and yes, they are more or less "fancy" carp.


cool thanks defrin.