New Tatt!

got it today

how long did it take?

2 hours

Used to be

Nice calendar tough guy!! (Just kidding) I do like the tat. How about some backstory on it.

Like dat man lol

Well I have always Been Scared of Spiders But Lately they have not been bothering me, I also Love the Band Cold And thats Their Logo.

Now my Motto is Face your Fears

Good stuff, that's a great motto to have man.

was that before or after you went to Wal Mart???

lol before.

i actaully like the tat a lot, the pommerainian calendar, not so much.

Big and bold, it looks good.



I'm afraid of Pommeranians.

I was thinking one like the Public Enemy logo but with a Pommeranian in the crosshairs

I heard black ink is the most painful to get - any truth to that? It's the same needle that puts the other colors in. Why would it be more painful?

I have black and color work and its all been equally painful :P

The most painful one for me was the white highlights in my black & grey piece.. seemed to bleed more then other areas though. I think white they need to go over it a few times.

Thanks Rocket.

it allz good pain wize

Tattoo havin', Walmart shoppin, dog lovin', cage-kicker. God bless America.

OH yA!

Isn't it strange? I'm not really into pain, nor do I have a high tolerance to it, but under the needle, it's all good.