new technique site, pics On my old reverse mount thread, I could tell a lot of people didnt understand what I was talking about, so here is a pictorial walkthrough. Tell me what you think.Next week, a Yaoriginal positional setup for sub grappling and MMA, the Yaount!OK, I promise never to write like that again.

Give me some manner of feedback if you like it or want me to keep doing these.

I'm also open to feedback if you think there is something wrong with it.

Dude! You rock!

Wait til jonpall sees that site ...

Very, VERY cool! Good job, man!

Nice looking apartment! ;)


Who was the guy with the mask? And do you always make him dress that way?

"Bring out the gimp"

"The gimp's sleeping"

"Well I guess you better wake him up then"

Andrew, what can I say... it's just a great idea, man. DEFINITELY keep it up! You have a talent for describing things well and I think everyone here appreciates you doing this. Watch out for those Bubba elbows, though.



Nice, keep doing these please. That cross ankle lock is a new one for me.

thats sweet

ttt for andrew

easy to follow, clear pics of each step.


Very nice!

definately love the detail. I use that deathlock all the time. Is that the official name for it? because I've been using it for a few years without knowing what to call it, hehe.


Will those techniques also work on a mat? Or, are they meant strictly for hardwood floors? They're actually better on a mat. They only work on hardwood if you change your socks from black to white after the first frame.

hey andrew, is there another name for the "deathlock". It's one of my favorites, and I have no name for it.

No, that's the only name I know of.