New term for vagoo=elliptical

My wife’s elliptical was especially wet last evening

The tread on your wifes elliptical foot pads are worn out.


Your wife's elliptical is broken

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I went to work out on the elliptical, but the guy ahead of me got his sweat all over it, and didn’t wipe it down. Asshole.


I had to wait 20 mins for the guy ahead of me to get off your Wife's elliptical.  

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when i'm on your wife's elliptical, the whirring friction noises ruin the experiencce for me



^I’d go X games mode on that Elliptical

Who is trying to get us to change the term?

OP’s wife’s elliptical was just another broken New Year’s resolution - used it for like a week and now just hangs clothes on it.

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Using your wife’s elliptical is a great workout but it always has a long queue.

Don’t get one of those epllipticals meant for home use - the break down all the time and don’t do a whole lot.

The pro versions are way sturdier, have more options, and give you a much better workout.

I stuck my weiner in a dirty old eliptical and I cummed

holly9000 -



Another fucking payback with a twist

I hear that while joggers prefer running, they don't mind getting on any empty elliptical!