New thought for NFL forum!

I have been thinking for sometime about the amount of trolls on this forum. There are actually a handfull of people who post on this forum to support their respective teams. I give them nothing but props. However, without naming names, there are a handful of people here who do nothing but post to talk shit to people. They give no formal arguements about football, they do nothing but say "so and so is stupid" or "so and so sucks". I have no problem taking shit from people who actually will post things that support their respective teams. I have no problem taking shit from people who play Denver and beat us. What really pisses me off though is the people that come on here just to talk shit to people. I have fun with certain forum members on here, but its like out of nowhere people will show up just to talk shit to someone. I have no problem hearing it from Raider fans after last weeks game, we got beat, or from Tapped Out after the Bengal game, etc, but this mystery people that just show up get really annoying. Half the time I don't even know what team the like to talk shit back. I purpose that the NFL forum take a new stand on this trolls and simply not acknowledge them. If you post here often and actually make some sense and support a team, I will acknowledge you, but you are just a dip shit that shows up to talk shit, I think we should all ignore them. I have no problem hearing Tapped Out, SD Cartel (except we like the same team everyday but two days out of the year!), Prejah, Rypani, CoreNobody etc talk shit to me, its fun, thats what being a football fan is about, but there are always those douche bags that show up just to talk shit, and thats just fucking annoying. I vote that if you don't show support for your team you have no business talking shit to someone for showing support for their team. What do you all think?


I would be in support, but I didn't make your list.

So I guess that puts me out :(

No, you actuall support you team. I just threw out names that off the top of my head I knew were forum members who actually contributed to the forum. Basically my whole point is that if you do not support a team, talk them up, make threads about them, basically just support a team you have absolutely no right to go and talk shit to someone else. That would be like me going into the baseball forum, and even though I like the Rockies they suck, and baseball really doesn't interest me that much, and talking shit to people whose team just lost a game, or talking shit about people even though I do absolutely nothing for the forum. I cannot tell you how many people have been like "Champ Bailey, more like Chump Bailey" blah, blah, blah and I'm like what team do you support, how many threads do you make, better yet, who the fuck are you, yet you are talking shit to me? That just pisses me off. Think of it like a random person walking upi to you on the street and talking shit to you for no reason. "Hey, I know I don't support footbal, we never talk about together, you don't even know, me, but the Broncos, suck and Champ is a chump!" Nobody would do that, but when you have a relationship with people like the people who post here do, I don't mind taking shit from people like you, or the other regulars here. If you are going to post something at least make it worth while, have a point and don't just post to talk shit.


Tapped, what do you mean. It just bothers me to go on your threads, and others and see a honest conversation plagued by some dipshit, who wouldn't say that to any of us in real life, ruin a thread.


"However, without naming names, there are a handful of people here who do nothing but post to talk shit to people. They give no formal arguements about football, they do nothing but say "so and so is stupid" or "so and so sucks"."

I definitely agree. Someone ban this fuck immediately:

"I vote all Raider fans drink the kool aid and get it over with cause you have the worst team in the NFL.
TTT for the worst team in football"
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"Why does it seem all minorities are Raider fans, its like if your skins has a tint to it you are a Raider fan."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"sea_monkey, Lick my salty balls, and keep your opinions to yourself. See this is the football forum, there is no gay pride forums on this web site, and you seem to be lost"
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"When was the last time the Raiders won a Super Bowl? When is the last time they were even in a Super Bowl? Thankyou."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"yone who has ever played a sport and knows anything about winning knows a winning season doesn't mean shit, only thing that matters is winning championship of your given sport."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

You are the dumbest person alive. The Patriots won the Super Bowl last year. I seriously hope you were joking, they were there in 02' though. Now go registar for your green card, or go talk to your parole officer, either way you are wasting peoples time. "
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"Plus I just hate that whole team, its management, its fans, its stadium etc."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"Were you picked on as a child, do you have a name like Dick, or Folker, that made kids poke fun of you. Basically you cannot argue with the Riaders sucking dic this year so you have to go after the fans who hate them"
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"P.S. I still hate the Raiders."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"Sea Cock,
My mistake was I mis-read the Broncos web site. Once again I have said that in post after post. Can you not read?"
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"You are a FUCKING IDIOT."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"Keep laughing at the Raiders! They are a pathetic team and organization."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"I know you are probably going through denial and what not right now, just keep taking your estrogen meds so you keep those girly characteristics and I'll again enjoy owning you on November 28th when you visit Mile High. It feels really good to know that you suck, and your team sucks at the sametime."
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"I wonder if Davis will uproot the team again and move them to another city? First you couldn't stay in Oakland, the you couldn't stay in LA, how much longer will you have to suck yo move again, maybe across the Bay to San Fransicko where all the other faggots are? Continue to wear your knee pads!"
-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

"The only thing that matters is championships."

-- Dracul aka 303 aka Area Code

Raiders 3, Broncos 2

sea_monkey: "Sure I'll drop it. Right after you admit the only reason you said it was because you thought Denver had as many rings, thus admitting you're full of shit"

303 aka Area Code: "Yes"


way too much time on the hands there


You'd be surprised. That's just from two threads.

Sea Monkey, you are a prime example of my point. Its sad that you have nothing better to do than to follow me around this forum and post useless garbage like that. Half of those posts were directed towards you becasue you would, follow me around this forum and upon every post make some personal attack at me. I have not seen ONE, not ONE post from you that talks about football. Yes I am sure you have made some, but trying to prove a point against me by cutting and pasting my responses to you in response to blatent attacks on me is truely a new low for you. I dislike you, there is no secret to that, and whenever you show up to do nothing but talk shit to me and make personal attacks I will respond. Its truely sad you are such an interent warrior, you sit behind your keyboard and then talk shit to me. It has been a long time since we wne tback and forth on anything, I have left you completely alone, then, after the Raider game last week you showed up again and rather than talk football, or rebute any points I made you took it upon yourself to once again talk shit. You are just a sad little man who probably has to much time on his hands. I am going to do everything I can to no longer respond to you blatnet, and pseronal attacks. Feel free to say what you want from now on, it was pretty stupid to even respond to you, feel free to keep talking shit from the safety of your computer. You are the definition of interent warrior!


Translation: "I talk mad shit on this forum all the time, and when someone does it back to me, I cry about it."

Here's a hanky you big baby.

Sea Monkey, there you go again. I do not talk 'mad shit' to any other person on a personal level, only you, because you continually do it to me. It also cracks me up that a guy with a name like sea monkey can talk shit to anyone. Thats just sad. Sea "The Internet Warrior Troll" Monkey! Actually I like it when other people talk shit to me, its usually about the Broncos, its fun, its what being a fan is about, but yes, you cross a line when you do nothing but attack me personally, ad yes I will fire right back at you. Its obvious you have no interest in talking football, you just jump into every thread and make some smart ass remark from behind you your computer, then expect me not to say anything back. You took it to the personal level after I admitted my mistake, then you consistantly brought it back up, obviously you have no intention of dropping it, which is fine, but you would hardly be the person to lecture anyone about personal attacks. Just keep up the keyboard warrior stuff. Its easy behind a computer.


"I am going to do everything I can to no longer respond to you blatnet, and pseronal attacks."

I guess there wasn't much you could do.


Jesus Christ, dude! We get it. You root for the Broncos. You obviously like to dish it out but can't take it very well. Which makes you a prime target for people who only want to spin somebody up. Congratulations.

Paragraphs are your friend, 303.

No, I can take people talking shit just fine. Its fun. I just hate the people that post with no mention of football, they post just to talk shit. That is what the OG is for.


ya i support the raiders and do show it for them, i also said i like jake plummer and johny lynch. Great players i do give respect where it is due. ok 303 i even agree with some of your points but not all.

Funny,I don't remember talkin shit?I have never gotten personal with you,or anyone else on here.

303,you need to switch to decaf or something bro.J/K.

I did watch the whole game,and for me,thats unusual.(Unless its a televised Raider game)It was a hard fought game,Denver almost came back.

SD:My wife thought I was wacked,singing that stupid fuckin song,whilst wearing my "Ritchie"jersey!.LOL.

Here's some pictures of 303:

Can I get a bluenamer to post pics?

Not I until you put paragraphs in your rants like Saucy said.

And hump all NFL teams. Go Tarheels! And the Sooners, and the Buckeyes and the Hawkeyes and the brown eyes!