New TNA Talent?

Ken Anderson's non-compete clause with World Wrestling Entertainment expired today, thus meaning he is free to negotiate with any wrestling company.

"Something about midnight tonight...can't quite put my finger on it." Anderson wrote yesterday on his Twitter account.

Likewise, Eddie Fatu's (professionally known as "Umaga" in WWE) non-compete clause with WWE expired this past week as well. Fatu was released from his WWE contract on June 8, 2009 after violating the company's drug testing policy a second time and his subsequent refusal to enter a rehabilitation center.

Former WWE developmental wrestlers Dakota Darsow, Jon Cutler, Lupe Viscara, Kafu and Matt Walsh are also to free negotiate with any wrestling organization as all five up-and-comers were released from their respective contracts during the first week of June.


Didnt know Umaga ran afoul of the wellness policy.

The only one I want to see in TNA is Umaga.

Umanga, IMHO

I'd want Anderson there just long enough to do a shoot promo on WWE and Orton

But not long enough to injure the TNA wrestlers?

I think Umaga and Kennedy were both part of that whole signature pharmacy steroid scandal if I am remembering correctly.  That was their first bust.

Isn't Dakota Darsow Barry Darsow's kid?

A.C. Slater's Mullet - Isn't Dakota Darsow Barry Darsow's kid?