New to MMA UG, wanted to say hello from Mexico

Hey boys and girls, what's up? I'm a Canadian Gringo currently living in Mexico, thought i'd add some flavor to the site. My first question would be is there a lot of talent that comes out of Mexico? What have you heard? Also my buddy mentioned to me that i should offer all of the great people on the UG a personal Google+ invite, so i will if your interested. Send me an email and i'll respond back right away and get you in. My email is
I look forward to being a part of the forums and getting some real good accurate MMA News, advice and opinions.

Cheers - Just a ZLO Gringo :)


romophobia -  Welcome!






 Viva Olaf !

 welcome to the forum!

Mexico has a ton of natural MMA talent!

This thread is confusing.....

But Welcome to the UG

( He said he's Canadian :-)

como se va King Knight Mare

Welcome, eh.

head to the waiting room and take your pants off

someone will be in shortly to see you.