New to UG

Just wanting to post my first thread so hi everyone and hope to read your post and laugh my arse off.I am no keyboard warrior. I have been around and train MMa for 5 yrs now so ban lol ban for what. Will be willing to show anyone that dosent think so.


tik haha i dont mean that im bad im just not new to this but who cares right

Well no one had to read if you dont want too. My mistake but who cares right, This is first and last post i will start so get off my back. But where u from because you r very angry you should just sit back and relax. If not im from Mass come up or over and roll or spar what ever you like.

Walt Lysak in Ludlow Mass

KidGotSkills...Welcome to the UG!

Gary Hughes

Another Masshole? Shouldn't you be up here in Maine pulling U turns and flippin off locals? Welcome.

Thxs Sam Pai, and yes under Walt and we do everything from subgrap to sento to kickboxing to jui jitsi.

Hey gritts grew up in hope maine and wrestled at camden high in maine so lol and yea im a masshole

Hmmm, my college friend Derek wrestled at Camden High, I think. He is 31ish. Same age range?

What weight class and what did he look like r coach was a hard nose guy and yea i proably wrestled with your friend.We won the team title 2 yrs in a row then i went back too mass ask him if he rembers the kid from mass

Welcome to the forum KidGotSkillsm. You'll need to learn to ignore a few peeps on the froum but most of the folks are brand new.

Last name Hall. He was a goofy fuck, but I think he might have gone to states one year. How old are you?

welcome to the ug, now make me a sammich biotch!

Just do us all a favor and shut your fucking neck. Thanks.

All i can say is go fuck yourself if u dont like it

this thread sucks....Bad

i just lost two min of my life reading a tard who think he is in a cup of the meeting....

I am pissoofffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

Tell you what where u at because this tard is pissed and will love to meet and greet any of you studds But i dont think any of the shit talkers r realfighter just arm chair bandits and no one told u to read this bitch