New Tony Blauer Blog

Hey Everyone -

Hope everybody is having a great start to the year. Here's one way: Check out Coach Blauer's new blog, which he started as a way of staying more connected with SPEAR enthusiasts world-wide, on the Blauer Tactical USA site. It's fascinating stuff - the latest entries detail his current trip to Fort Benning, home of the Modern Army Combatives Program, and his recent coaching of Frank Mir for the fight with Nog, utilizing High Gear and specialized BTS training protocols. As most of you know, Frank won.

There are behind-the-scenes photos exhibiting the action, and of course a Comments section so you can ask questions and post your thoughts. It's informative, interactive, and as Coach Blauer shares his insights of the moment while doing all these things, educational as well.

Here's the link to Blauer's Blog:


I love th enew blog.

Can't believe how big Nick is !!!!!

does Blauer even post on here anymore?

He does, when he can. So do some of his senior coaches.

 Hey Yuki, I do lurk :-)  its tough to get to all the blogs, best way to reach me quickly is facebook, twitter...once a month I try to make rounds of the blogs etc, but we're so busy its a challenge.