New Toyota Supercar?

AUTOWEEK MOST SIGNIFICANT AWARD WINNER: Alessandro Volta invented the electric battery and Toyota has created the ultimate for-production hybrid-electric powertrain that sees its first use in the Lexus RX400h unveiled in Detroit this past January. Put the two great moments in circuitry together and you get a supercar commemorating Alessandro's awesomeness and AW's pick for Most Significant at Geneva. It impresses us that 1) Toyota is doing a supercar in the first place, 2) they got together with Giugaro to do it instead of their own ED2 studio in the south of France and 3) it's a beautiful hybrid car instead of looking like a rolling experiment pod. The Italdesign-Giugiaro Toyota Alessandro Volta generates a calculated 402 horsepower from the Hybrid Synergy Drive System in this guise and that takes it to 62 mph from 0 mph in just four seconds thanks to the all carbon fiber body and chassis construction from Giugiaro resulting in a curb weight of just 2866 pounds versus the RX400h at 4000-something. Top speed is limited to 155 mph and average mileage hits nearly 40 mpg. And it could see production by 2007. We have a new market segment, kids!

0-60 in 4 seconds and 40mpg. Sweet Christ!

I've heard about the Supra too, they'll bring it out when the time is ripe. If it wasn't for those damn suv's we would never have lost the rx7,supra,z etc. I've seen artists rendition of the new Supra a year ago but that could always change.

It will be a fantastic car for the few people that can afford it. thanks to the all carbon fiber body and chassis constructionthis should be your first clue as to the cost of this vehicle. They achieve the power to weight ratio by useing the most expensive frame and body construction.

That's going to change this year as honda won't be making the nsx for the jdm market but rather the european and american market. That means they won't have to abide by the stringent japanese laws that only allow cars to be 276hp max in stock form.

The new nsx will be minimum 350hp.

I'm pretty sure the new ones are going to drop in price because they're not using the all aluminum body for the next one. That's the main reason the car was so expensive afaik.

They look so sweet.