New track times!


Best on fuel = 13.0917 @ 102.46
Best on NO2 = 12.5118 @ 106.66
Best MPH = 107.32

Track was pretty crappy.  Fuel launches were ok but the 60' was all over the place on the nitrous launches.  Plus the water box guy wasn't leaving any dry spot for me to avoid getting the front tires wet.  I actually lifted a tiny bit on the 12.51 (bracket racing) although I still broke out (12.52 dial in :p ).  I THINK I can get a 12.4 pretty easily on a good track.

Now I REALLY can't wait for the good motor to be done! :D

How much is this "Good Motor" setting you back?

N2O, IMO. :)

Good runs, that thing is pretty fast.

By the way, that's at 8100lb race weight with 37" tires.   :p

Yes, that was with a relatively small shot of NO2 (about half what I had in my old set-up).

The new motor is pretty expensive.  Head work alone were about $3400.  Gotta pay to be different sometimes.   :p

Elmo, those look like atypical drag-racing tires you got there

What selection do you use on the transfer case?

"Elmo, those look like atypical drag-racing tires you got there"

Yup. :D  37 x 13.50 Toyo Open Country MT's.

"What selection do you use on the transfer case?"


Stock ratios or did you change them when you uprated the cogs (I'm assuming you did, with that kind of power I'd at least be running peened and tumbled if not hard cast close tollerance race spec)

4.30's from Ford; everything else is stock except for Warn Premium hubs.  The drivetrain in these is actually pretty stout.  The transmission is the weakest link.  It's rare to hear about people breaking anything else.

I did go thru two sets of aftermarket 4.56's though.  I guess there just wasn't enough material for to hold that weight/power.  I was also told that's why Ford only goes to a 4.30.