New Training Program

I recently released a new book that covers sandbag lifting, sledgehammer training, GPP, interval training, sport-specific conditioning, program creation, sled dragging, bodyweight exercise, core training, and more...

Check out Ultimate Training For The Ultimate Warrior at:

Train hard!

Ross E.

Sounds great Ross!

Mike Mahler

Ross knows his stuff, folks. You'd do well to get ANY of his books/materials. I've seen some of his stuff, and it's top notch.

Go buy this book - I've got it on *my* Christmas wish list...

...and Santa had better deliver, or I'm gonna start throwing Sandbags at people....;-)

Wiggy -

Sounds like your books matt.


TTT, Ross does has have some great info.

Looks cool. I'll scoop one up when the hardcopy is released..

I have the Warrior Fitness and Medicine Ball books. They are excellent and go hand in hand with anything by Scrapper, Taku and Wiggy.

Excellent material!


I have The Boxer's Guide to Performance
Enhancement. It is excellent and I would echo that
it goes hand in hand with anything by Scrapper,
Taku and Wiggy.

Good Stuff!


Yes, i have the rossboxing ebooks. Very good, especially the medicine ball one.
It's good to see other strength coaches being complimentary to each other.

Got warrior fitness and was well impressed with it.