seriously, other than the GSP/ Serra rematch , who gives a rat's ass about this card ? Also, where's the international flavor after the big Pride aquisition ? This card is made up almost enirely of pasty white American guys that nobody wants to see fight.....just like far too many UFC's past. Makes the sport look like a joke and is a HUUUUUUUUUUGE rip off for the price.LOL @ anyone bitching about the FREE EliteXC/ CBS card and then turning around and paying for this borefest.

Dana must be saving a ton of money putting this one together.

the only thing i like about the UFC 83 card is no HW's on the card.

sometimes the cards that i have low expectations turn out better and sometimes the cards that i have hight expectations for turn out worst.

maybe if they had tans then you would be happy?



There is a heavyweight fight on the card. Oh well.
Demian Maia v. Ed Herman interests me as does Belcher/Day.
I think Stout/Clementi should be a good fight although it isn't the most relevant fight. I predict Hironaka
will come out with a first round tko over Goulet.

I'm pretty psyched for it. Lutter/Franklin is going to be sweet.

If it was just GSP vs Serra for the strap in Montreal and no other fights at all. The place would have sold out in the same amount of time that it did. So Dana knowing this, must have made the decision to keep costs down on the undercard to increase profit.

Lol, skarhead, you have such horrible taste in everything.

keiths-"...maybe if they had tans then you would be happy?"------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OK, so you're obviously a white pasty dude. You don't see anything weird about yet another UFC (Superbowl of MMA !!) card loaded w/ generic American white dudes ? Especially after the Pride aquistion ?How about some realism and mix it up a bit or are we to believe that these are the absolute best fighters in the world and they all just happen to be pasty white American guys ?LMAO, whatever. Dana put this one together on the cheap.

jbapk-"...Lol, skarhead, you have such horrible taste in everything. "--------------------------------------------------------------------------------LMAO, so this is an amazing card w/ a balanced mix of the "world's" best MMA fighters ? The fact that you actually like this card says something hilarious about your..."taste". Basically it SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKS, much like this card.

 "Yet another" card loaded with white American dudes? How many non-Americans are in the UFC and on the cards these days? Thiago Alves, Thiago Silva, Nogueira, Werdum, Cheick Kongo, Gonzaga, Tavares, Carneiro, Wanderlei, Shogun, Nakamura, Lyoto, GSP, Cote, Anderson, Almeida, etc etc etc. All those guys are featured on the PPVs.

Who cares anyway? The free card a couple days ago had one fight go to decision (Maynard/Edgar) and it was a good fight.

Not to mention the fact that half the fighters on this card are Canadian, not American.

Dude has a point other than the awesome GSP/Serra fight there is no other matchups that really jump out at you.

Just gotta hope the fights themselves are good, because besides the Headliner the Card is lackluster on paper.

Since zuffa bought the ufc brand, I think they've had less than 10 good cards. Over a span of 7 years, that's repulsive promotional work, especially considering how wealthy the Fertittas are.

The upcoming card with ortiz vs. lyoto is good, but half the guys on the card are leaving town, which is a good thing. My point is they're just loading cards to finish contracts.

what'll make it well worth the while is when Serra puts a 2nd beating on GSP and all the canaidians go home heartbroken, eh?

 Since you havent figured it out skarhead, the event is in Montreal and the card is full of Canadians. Many with medicore win/loss records in the UFC. Canadians are thrilled with this card, and most everyone else is not.

Non-Americans on the card: GSP, Starnes, Bocek,Bisping,Doerkson,McDonald,Day,Maia,Stout, Morris,Hironoka, Goulet.

Countries represented: Canada,England,Brazil,Japan,Australia,USA


^ end of thread

canada sux... badly

This card does suck.

you're high

Skillrules - Canadians are thrilled with this card, and most everyone else is not.

Canadians are NOT thrilled about this card. We think it sucks, but are still happy to finally have the UFC in Canada. And to watch GSP get his strap back. But trust me, we hate the rest of the card.

~Watches the PRIDE trolls roll out~