New UFC Game is Siiiiiiiiick

                <p><p>So I got my hands on a copy of the new UFC game. I was really impressed by the demo, but the actual game is much better because there is so much more variety.<span id="more-495"></span></p>

I was a little bit worried about not liking my character or having issues with his move set, but I really can’t complain. I think like most of the characters in the game, they fight exactly like their real life counterpart. I was playing last night and my friend Matt said “Its not fair that they custom made a character that is a bad ass at fighting the way you like to fight!”

We have been playing exhibition for the most part, but have done some of the classic fights stuff too. If you have any questions, post them and I will answer as many as I can.

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who's overrated now bitch!

aldegas, that was Cole Miller who fought Junie... I know, all lanky white guys look alike.

Who was the first person you fought?

ohhhhhhh shit! damn it was. i just get confused because Cole and Joe are good freinds. ok then how's Jens Pulver?

BTW Joe was 6.1-to-1 odds to beat Jens. second biggest upset in UFC history, second only to Serra vs Gsp

After you unlock the TapouT crew, does your brother plan on beating them senseless in the game everyday?

 I just destroyed Gonzaga with CroCop -

Next up Hughes will get his revenge on GSP -

Rappy Gilmore -  I just destroyed Gonzaga with CroCop -

Next up Hughes will get his revenge on GSP -

Haha my buddy txted me last night after he got his copy saying "i'm Ground and Pouding your boy (GSP) with Hughes" and i txted him back, "And my Vikings jus won the Super Bowl...both only possible with a 360 controller"

 im gonna beat tito into a living death, guess I will need to make him as well

can you not play career mode with non-create a fighters?

 Joe put the remote down, your going on 24+ hrs. Answer the people


Good luck on your recovery....

Fight Night Round 3 was WAYYYYYYY better than this game.

are you in it yet Joe?

yeah I played from 12:15 AM to 9:15 AM last night... it's amazing

Is Cro Cop not a southpaw on the game?

 Coming out with the "fear no evil" shirt on was the sh!t Joe.  That was a grown man's move right there. 

Sorry to hijack.

Can't wait to get off the road so I can play this game. 

 My character is 3-2 (lost my starter match and a fight to Rich Clementi, got too ahead of myself taking that one)  and just got an offer to fight Joe, I said fuck that and took the undercard fight. Haha!

How do the lighter guys perform against the heavier guys in the game?

can't wait til finals are over