New UFC/MMA Contract Clause?

When fighters enter a contract, the fighter/promotion should have a provision which increases the payout. If he/she wins, retains the belt numerous times, or becomes a PROVEN draw for PPV/company, the fighter's pay should increase. Set increases could also be factored in so that everyone knows where they stand.

Likewise, if a fighter loses two or more fights in a row, the fight organization would have the right to decrease pay as well.

Fighters from Tito to others view this forum. I know they have a mgmt team and legal advice. Can we offer them some worthy suggestions on how to ensure their financial protection?

Anyone who has ever had a job and they found out that a coworker was being paid more than them can understand Randy's reason. Never mind all the Blah, Blah about him signing a contract. Right or not, If I could quit my job to make a point, I would have. Randy has the funds to make a stand and I say good for him. I believe that new contracts that benefit the fighter are around the corner.

Any suggestions for fighters that they may not have though about?