New UFC ring girl = OMG!! (cumz)

Take a look at my girlfriend (far left)

lol @ the expression on the guys face (far right)

Holy Boobs!

Arianny all day.


What is this Rio Heroes? Ufc chicks gotta have class. Get that slut outta here.

"Nice, but I hope she doesn't replace Ali!"

Who fucking cares? These chicks are all just a tight body and an interchangable face.

Remember everyone going apeshit over Rachelle Leah? Where is she now? No one knows, and no one cares.

At the end of the day it makes no difference which chick to stare at.

Isnt that the chick that wanted to spend the day with Rich Hamilton?

LMAO @ thread title ("Cumz")!

I might order the fights now.

The other day I was at Walmart and this chick went walking through the parking lot, OMG she was fine as hell. I happened to back out of my parking space and she was walking ahead of me as I drove down the isle, she had a PERFECT backside, Perfect hair to go with it too. One younger guy (25 or so) walked passed her with his woman, he shot her a glance and in no time found a way to watch her if only for a little while, then there was an older man who couldn't care one bit about this hot piece of ass. My point is, it's all relative. What's HOT to one is cute to another and nothing to look at to others. Don't crap on someone who likes a chick you don't, we all need sex and there needs to be attraction, if we all liked the same people we'd either have to have a large orgy or fight.

She actually looks like she has a fair amount of abdominal distension in that first pic. This could be from a variety of problems in the intestines, bowel, colon, rectum, or even anooz. However, in my professional opinion there is a fecal blockage there in the upper bowel. This would not be improved with colonic or enema, but rather she may need to have that removed with tissue pressure. It is likely she suffers from extremely watery stools and problems associated with that such as roidal inflammation or piles. Because of this diagnosis, I would give her a 6/10.

dude i didnt Lauzon was fighting my trailer park uncle

she pretty if the boobs r real,if they r fake.... well that just ruines everything

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Sorry Codpiece, I have to call that a terrorist attack. American boobies with irregular bowel movment are cool here. In fact, soft fecal material make me proud to be an American.

In fact Id take her out on a date, and ONLY feed her whole kernal corn, so it felt like I was making love to her hiney with a ribbed thingy dooey on my pee-pee. Id do it for America, and Orval Reddenbacher. USA USA USA!!!


"Ufc chicks gotta have class"