New UFC Ring Girl

I picked up the issue of Fight! with Fedor on the cover and it has the new UFC ring girl, Natasha Wicks in it. She has a picture spread and a quick interview, and in the interview she said she lived in Hawaii for a year or two.

Thought dat was pretty cool.

Thought I would share that wit everyone.

She's pretty hot.

I know, I know WTF PICS!?!? Sorry I'm at work so I can't look for links to pics.

That is all....discuss.

apology, or not, imagine the disappointment here...

 Let me help you out yakumomutsu..........................


OMG that is disturbing!! The bushwackers giving each other the tongue is just wrong!!

hangs head really low in shame

here try these...don't know if i'm doing this right


At least the dude on the right is wearing a cup.

 ^^ Why are your eyes straying in that direction? is there something youve been meaning to tell us?

Mahalo SS.