new UFC rule

It should become standard procedure that all fighters in the big show have a blue belt at least (With the gi) before fighting in the UFC. How many times did Herring get mounted and his back taken? That was horrible to see.

And that guy was suppose to be the Hwt answer

Could you imagine had that been Monson

We would have seen someone take a napy nap

You have to remember some guys do that to escape. The Crow is a prime example.

^^^ Why was giving up his back such a bad thing?  In mount...he was getting punched...everytime he gave up his back, Jake did nothing to him.  No striking damage.  I think giving up your back is okay when you are confident in your back defense.  In mma...being mounted and getting punched is the worst.

BTW....I don't think Blue Belt level jitz, doing elbow escapes would have gotten him out of mount.  Jake has a very tight top game.

yeah right....howmany times was he in trouble when he turned his back??? he was in more trouble laying flat on his back

DO what to escape? Give up their back and get mounted repeatedly? Christ, that's almost as bad as the lotus position in Krav Maga. That was horrible! His opponent just lifted his leg in the half guard and he got full mount.

giving up your back isn't so bad when you get mounted but you shouldn't be getting mounted 8 times per round. He didn't even look like he knew how to stop the guys mount.

On the flip side of the coin, his opponent would have got the RNC for the win if he had a blue belt. How many times did he have the guys back? That guy needs to do a Mercello Garcia seminar sometime to get the W from the back position.

I am not saying laying on your back getting punched in the face is better, but giving up your back is asking to be put to sleep

The guy has to get some ground skills to be big time

Remember, this was not just any fight or fighter, this guy was hand selected and brought in to shke thigs up get a few big wins and make a run at the belt against Tim or Cro Cop or both

I expected to see a well rounded fighter, not one that had no sprawl, and then when put to his back could not get up so he resorted to giving up his back, and then got remounted.

I knew he was no ground wiz, but I expected him to sprawl and brawl, and if put down, to get against the cage Chuck style and get up and fight

silly argument...

but Herring got massively outgrappled on the ground. Truthfully he would have been better holding gaurd and waiting for a standup at least after the first could clearly see he wasn't a threat to O'brien off his back...his corner should have recognized that and have him change his strategy.

Good lord, if that was Monson fighting Herring, it would have been very ugly.

Heath lost cause he could not sprawl. Yes JOB is a good wrestler with good takedowns, but he was shooting from far away and with no set-ups. Heath couldn't sprawl last night. I won't even comment on his ground game. But seeing as HEath would most likely KTFO all of us , who are we to comment on his game

monson woulda got that choke on his first attempt imo.

According to that new rule, neither guy belonged in the UFC... that seems about right. One guy was helpless on the ground and the other guy had no way to finish the fight. Sort of like the boxer versus wrestler matches from 1994 in the early UFC.

The new rule needs to be knees/kicks to a downed fighter. Period. Right now it is such that if you shoot, you're protected from being blasted and it results in lay n pray lawyer balling that bores the shit out of everybody.

Heath looked like shit last night, no doubt about it. But the funny thing is under pride rules, he KOs that kid in the first round. And why not give up his back? It got him back to his feet nearly every time and the kid was obviously NOT going to finish that fight EVER.

I personally don't care to see the kid back in the UFC, he has good cardio and a good double leg. And that's fine for a wrestler but for a 'fighter' to have zero finishing skills is shameful. And for the UFC to bring in guys like that and reward them for rolling topside is even more silly.

So really I can't blame either fighter here, the organization has created this situation and they need to rectify it.

rkjmd, that was my point exactly!

Uh, he actually escaped that way like 5 times in this abortion of a fight.