has anyone else played it yet? thoughts on it... I just bought it and started playing it...thought it was cool that one of the unlockable players is erica M.
One thing that i didn't like is that they have randleman and E. Jackson in it , but couture and lindlad aren't active fighters. spratts in it but sherk and benji radcek aren't?
and the controls seem to be troublesome, combos are hard to come by and takedowns are hard to get.. I wish that they had takin a page from pridefc as to fight from the guard and takedowns and throws...well if anyone has anything else let me know...

I think it's pretty fun. $20 too? Forget about it. There's a lot of fun, goofy stuff they threw in. I like the Goldbergish spear move everybody can do from across the room, and the fence mount is awesome. (so the are Pridish knees to the head you can do from sidemount...funny, considering they're illegal in UFC)

what do you like more playstation or x box games

It's not too bad, especially for $19.95

My 7 yr old LOVES it!!!!!!!

He told me the other night, that he was gonna be Big Daddy (Goodridge) and kick my azz!

I got tickled..............

Randy Couture owns the rights to his likeness and apparently isn't letting them put him in the game.

Only three MWs in the game. Baroni, Menne, and Eugene Jackson. It would have been cool to have Mark Weir or David Loiseau. This time around they did a good job of mostly putting in post-Zuffa fighters in and left the old-guard as unlockable fighters.

Oh yeah Tito has the most ridiculously exaggerated moveset of any fighter. From long range press left kick (X) while playing as Tito Ortiz and you get to do a flying knee. I bet that was his one condition when letting them put him (he owns his likeness as well) in the game for free. He gets a flying knee, an armbar from the mount, and a reversal (when mounted) that transitions into an arm-triangle choke. I shit you not. The only sub that his game character has that Tito has actually used is the neck crank from the fence mount. It's pretty funny too, because sometimes they don't actually tap out, their hand is raised and slowly slumps down, then BJM jumps in and pulls Tito off.

That and they describe him as "a brutal stand-up fighter with excellent stamina". LOL. Almost as bad as one of Chuck Liddell's three strengths being "Well-rounded".

Also some fighters can get their opponent in a cradle and throw knees to the head or stomach. Press circle + triangle or square + X when in the sidemount. Although knees to the head and strikes to the back of the head are totally allowed in Sudden Impact, it would appear that elbows are not. A sign of things to come? Can soccer kicks be far behind?

for real that game sucks ass.

It's $20 what did you expect?