sudden impact for PS2i played the demo and it is way better than throwdown and u have sidemount and you and stack them up agaist the fence

my bad

This is true but at least they lost mikey burrnett and john lewis

Even though the mechanics were very similar, I think the Pride balancing between characters was SO much better than Throwdown. What I mean is, if you play as Vovchanchyn, you had better be trying to punch your way to victory - not submit or anything. Even with the added positions, if the new UFC game doesn't follow suit, and actually make the characters more differentiated and appropriate, then it will still be an inferior game.

i thought pride was great.

Plus in Throwdown you could just KO someone from under mount...

Is Tapout 2 on the Xbox any good? They never released it in the UK.

Is there any chance of a Pride or K1 game coming out on the Xbox? I saw the new K1 game on a tv show the other day and it looked class... again no uk release planned.

THQ dropped the Pride license. It will be released in Japan only by Capcom.

PS2 only or multi format?

Cuz I might risk gettin my Xbox chipped to play Pride.