“New User of the Month”

Wow, really honoured to be one of two “new user of the month” badge recipients. My favourite thing about the forum change is finding out about all these new badges I can earn. If the other recipient of this award could come forward so we can share this moment together, I would absolutely love that.

It’s fitting that the largest lgbtq+ community on the internet upended their old forum just to give out participation awards.

Cheers, you fucking queers.


This is a boomer dominated forum, they eye everyone new with suspicion and apprehension. I think the badges are a nice counter to the hostility.



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Love my badges :+1: :smiley:


OP and his friends.

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I considered quitting the forum because of the “achievement” shit. I can only imagine Kirik is laughing his ass off from time to time.

You can click on the badge, or something like that, and it’ll tell you who else has that badge.

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I think you are a fine addition to this forum and look forward to your future contributions.

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Alright, that’s a pretty good feature.

Shoutout to tendies

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