New Videos of WTC7 Explosions

Around 1:10 into this video.

you can not answer how a building can free fall in 6 seconds can you?

The video clips PROVE that the building came down so fast, only explosives can do that period.

Newtons Law is written as a law for a reason.

You cant argue against Newtons Law, so you act like a Politician and ignore this evidence.

In case you ask again, the evidince is the FACT that WTC 7 came down at free fall speed. Pancacke collapse could never fall at free fall speed.

Altofsky, do you know if explosions in rapid succession are required for a successful controlled demolition on a an extremely tall building?

Or, do you know if all controlled demolitions sound the same?

any chance of this mod actually letting us know why this tripe goes to the politicalground? Can you exhibit just the tiniest amount of balls for once? Pretty please?

should be in the events of 9/11 section.

It is a huge issue in our country and fuckheads like big eyed fish could choose to visit or not, oh wait, he has that option now.

Altofsky, according to Dr Stephen Jones, Thermite was used in the collapse of wtc7.

thermite controlled demolition is not the same as that of TNT.

That is why in some pics you see huge beams of steel standing with a very clean straight looking cut on an angle.

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My God, maybe you can solve this one too!

I don't believe our government is without fault in most things, and the whole conspiracy thing does show a certain level of creativity, but the entire CT side does nothing more than to lump anyone who ever believes that government should be more open and honest into a group of kooks who believe that the Illuminati are secretly transmitting messages through subliminal messages in Tom Cruise movies.

mod? Chicken.

A new 9/11 victim's family have gone public on their doubts about the official story and have firmly placed their support behind the efforts of the 9/11 Truth Movement to search for the truth of what really happened on September 11, belying a common slur on behalf of the establishment press that questioning the government's version of the attacks is somehow insulting to the victims.

The family concerned are John and Bev Titus, parents of Alicia Titus, who was a flight attendant on United Flight 175, the plane that crashed into the WTC south tower on September 11, 2001. John and Bev have since devoted their time to activism and have set up a fund for their daughter called The Alicia Titus Memorial, the proceeds from which go to supporting the peace movement.

They were in attendance at a presentation given by 9/11 hero and truth crusader William Rodriquez at Michigan State University and Rodriquez had a chance to speak with them after the event.

Asked if they supported Rodriguez's efforts to bring out the truth behind 9/11, John and Bev replied, "absolutely," "It will be our lifelong quest to find the truth about September 11 and the real story behind it because we know that what we've been given is only a glimpse of it and distortions of it and my daughter deserves better than that."

"There's still no answers to so many questions that we have that have not been given the truth, and we're going to continue to search and support people that are out there asking the same kinds of questions and demanding the truth," said Bev Titus.

"We want to thank Mr. Rodriguez for everything he's doing to bring out the truth because it's very important to us," concluded John Titus.

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