Whoopass.tv just added 12 new fights. 3 fights from Mass Destruction XVII and 9 fights from NAGC-2003.

Here is the fight list:

Chad Beaty v Quincy Rice
Chad Beaty v Joe McFarlane
Dan Simmler v Unknown
Dave Avellon v Dan Simmler
Dave Avellon v Dominic Nusdeu
Mike Cardoza v Jerad Weiner
Quincy Rice v Unknown
Ronald Stallings v Dan Simmler
Danny Ives v Brain Johnson

Mass Destruction XVII
Lance Everson v Jerry Speigel
Mat Perry v Jeff Bolyea
Sean Gannon v Mike Dexter


Burn me once, shame on you.

Burn me twice, shame on me.

How about just showing the Kimbo Gannon fight I paid for 3 weeks ago and have yet to see. And yes... I have sent numerous e-mails.


Yeah, I bought the Kimbo Gannon video eight times and got nothing. I want my eighty dollars back.

I had no problems with your site and still have a credit left on my account so give me a recomendation for one.

I've stated in another post that I apologize for problems and issues that some of you have faced. I am helping everyone that needs it ASAP. Here is the post so I do not have to repost it.
Whoopass.tv Support & Issues</a<

All previous issues have been resolved. If you have sent an email before and are still unable to watch the fight I will refund your money or send you a DVD for half price.

As stated in the previous email; my goal is and will remain:

Provide an excellent service and support.

Answer all emailed within 24 hours.

Ship all DVDs Priority Mail with tracking.

Sounds like a lot of people were dicked over, host the Kimbo fight, that's what we all want to see.

Zodiac666, what is your real name and/or email address?


OMG this is rich,i get screwed over (along with half of this forum)buying a video file from Whoopass and two weeks later he's back trying to pawn off more shit.


Dudley, I'm not screwing anyone over; if you've got a problem I will refund your money.

I never got to watch the video I paid for either over whoopass.tv. I sent several emails that went unanswered and all I ever got here on the forum and over email where generic answers that I had already explained did not work for me.

I'd like my money refunded.

I feel like when you didnt tell people that the Kimbo-Gannon file was coded and would expire in the year 2006,that you kinda screwed myself and alot of others.

Its only 10 bucks and the money went to a good cause so i dont need my money back but that does not change the fact that i was mis-lead.

Why does it matter when the file expires. Just save it.

Dudley, you can fix that error by taking 30 seconds and re-activating fight. It will never expire:
Click this link, and login:


striker18, please email (include your forum name as well). I will refund your money.

Which email do you want me to send it to?