New Wallpapers at Six Deuce

I was bored tonight vectorizing logos for product displays, SOOOO I figured I'd hook you guys up with some wallpaper. There are a couple of new wallpapers under the "Freebies" section of the site. Enjoy!

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Is there any way to reserve a Gomi shirt for when they come in? And do you have a pic of them?

I don't have a pic right now because I don't have the shirts. You can find them at though. I don't really reserve shirts for people because of the high demand/low inventory. It might be awhile before I get any shirts from Japan because it's pretty difficult to get stuff from them.

yo quik

whats up man??

what did you end up sending this time?? and when?

so i can keep an eye out for it

thanks man , and keep up the good work

Seriously? GOD it takes a long time to ship to Canada! I sent the "Painted" bloody shirt, hope you enjoy it! Gotta run to work, have a great day!



Hey Quik just wondering when will you be getting more Sudo shirts. Thanks.

Any idea about the Red Devil Fight Team shirts? And what about a UG Shirt?!!!?

TTT for a great site!!!

Thanks guys...a UG shirt would be AWESOME. Kirik, make it happen!

As for the imported stuff...the Red Devil and Sudo's looking like it might be upwards of 4 months before I get anything. All of the distributors of PrideFC gear are feeling the crunch...they just aren't producing very many shirts for wholesale. It should change in about 3-4 months though. In the meantime, buy a Six Deuce shirt, because I don't profit off of the imports. :)



Those are some cool ass shirts.

TTT for SSF Gear and Six Deuce~

Quik, I'm lovin the Competition Shirt you sell, I'm going to pick one of those up very soon... Hopefully Kirik will put up some sort of design contest on the UG and the one that is best makes the cut! Of course, that's just how I think it could be done. The 62 logo would no doubt have to make it on the design as well. TTT for the UG's unofficial clothing line lol


:) Thanks fellas! I've got 3 new designs in the works...hope you like 'em. I'll probably get opinions from the UG before they go to print.


But I still haven't gotten my shirts after two weeks! USPS is SLOW!