New website, new content...

Happy New Years Everyone! This is just a short post to let you know I finished my new website and have loaded all of the new content onto it. You can view it here:

Enjoy..........but please don't break my server on all those new videos now!

Have a great day,

Roy Harris

Harris International




Thank you! I hope you enjoy the site!









I took a seminar with you a while back, you're a great instructor!!!

I've been a Member of Roy's (old site) for a couple years and his content and discussion is top notch.

He always takes a LOT of time to discuss issues here even with those who are not Members or close friends or his Students.

Five stars and two thumbs up for Roy.!

Roy's Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Over 40 DVD is excellent - maybe my favorite BJJ instructional - and I'm not over 40 yet...


One thing to add which confused me, initially. still exists and there they have the forums and other stuff. The new site is no sign ups and more open, the old site you get more content if you register (it's free).

Another thing to add is I think Mr Harris is THE premier Theoretician in Martial matters today. He thinks more deeply and carefully about his training and the framework and the structure of what he does more than anyone I know of, and that includes BL.

In fact he's kept a fair amount of his structure and framework to himself and his students. I'd like to see him eventually write a book and put it ALL out there. If he did it right it would be an amazing tome and would re-define Martial theory.

Now Mr Harris would be quick to say that HIS master instructers may know more about their arts than he does, but he has taken all of this and synthesized it and that gives a larger application.

Trouble is any 'book' he'd write would have to be a 10 volume work, like Brittanica to get it all in, I suspect. :) (no joke)



Roy your a great instructor---I was lucky enough to work with you at one of the Vunak Summits

I'd like to thank all of you for your kind and generous comments. I truly appreciate them!

Allow me to explain WHY I have posted a new website:

Over the past five or six years, I have hundreds of e-mails in my inbox from people telling me they went to and could not find my contact into (yet they were still able to e-mail me). They told me they could not find where my academy was located, what times the classes took place and how much it costed. No matter how much I tried to explain how simple it was to find this info (clicking on the tab that reads "Academy"), most still told me that it was difficult to find the info.

So, to address this "unique" aspect of society, I decided to host a website that is dedicated specifically to my academy! Since the website is only five pages long, this should cut down on the number of e-mails I get from people who can't find my academy.

Does this make sense?

Good training to all of you,

Roy Harris

During class, please refer to Mr. Harris as, "Mr. Harris, Sir, Sensei, or Sifu." Do not call him "Roy" or "Hey you."

LOL @ anyone calling their instructor "Hey you".

 Yeah, the guy who called me "Hey You" is no longer training at my academy. He was quite the irritant.

The first time he and I grappled, he went crazy on me. So, I turned it up a little, instead of being my normal, playful self. With each tap, he become more determined to try harder.

After one of the taps, in frustration he exclaimed, "YOU KNOW I'M GIVING YOU THESE SUBMISSIONS!" I smiled and kept grappling the same way.

This guy was big and strong. He had a wrestling background and was used to grabbing people's head and cranking on them. He had some Jiu JItsu experience from a couple other BJJ schools, but he was only at a low blue belt level.

After putting up with his mouth, his attitude, and all of the little injuries he had caused at the academy, I pulled him aside and told him he needed to tone things down a bit. He argued with me for quite some time, and I listened. Finally, I told him he needed to do what I asked of him or he needed to consider finding another academy to train at. Obviously, he didn't like what I had to say, so he left.

Yeah, being called "Hey You" is one of my more memorable titles!

Roy Harris