New Wow Toon for Ry- please add

RyPuhnie - Thanks,

i didnt know they had quest caps either. It just told me I could only complete 24 more quest today. I guess Blizz is telling me to get outside for a change lol.

those are daily's lol. you can do as many quests as you want. daily's are the ones with blue exclamation marks and you can only do 25 a day cause they give u good coin or some other item like badges, etc.

^The 25 cap is for Daily quests. I'm not aware of a cap for regular quests per day.

heres a tip: when you're done playig for the day/nite, leave you're toon in a city, the bar to you'll gain more double exp on you're exp bar then leaving it outside a city.

 WOLK is on back order and my hunter's almost to 60.  It took me a month to get burning crusade, because I switched to the battlechest instead of waiting longer for the expansion.

I'm trying to ration my play to a little bit a night so I don't get to 70 before I get WOLK.  I wish Blizzard would fix their online upgrade, Goddamit!

Cruize, I just got that news when I got my battlechest! It's in the guide. You get double the XP for killing monsters after staying off in a city or an inn! Rationing my play plus that equals power leveling....

Hurry up WOLK! I have end game to procure!

or if you played with a friend using the recruit-a-friend system, you would get double XP for quest turn ins AND killing monsters until you were level 60

I always have at least a couple of chars on the go. That way, at least one of them has rest time.


Bitters - ...Re-roll-itis is a serious disease...
I know this disease all too well.  I have the following toons (in order of when I started them);

Orc Warrior - lvl 19

Undead warlock - lvl 65

Undead rogue - lvl 18

Death Knight - lvl 72

Blood Elf Mage - lvl 25

Human Paladin - lvl 50

Orc Hunter - lvl 64

7 toons.  313 combined levels.  Not one toon that has ever reached level cap.  (Didn't start the game until late Burning Crusade).

^^^ Whats your favorite? The DK?

You have come a long way young Skywalker. Wasn't it like a week ago you were posting about being not sure if some alliance actually came through your quest area? Now you're talking about nerf bats and alts. Nice

The force indeed is strong in this one. I literally cant stop playing. Anyone on my server can attest to that lol.

 I too, am an ALToholic

RyPuhnie - ^^^ Whats your favorite? The DK?

 My favorite was my Warlock, but I haven't played it since WOLTK came out.  I just hit outland with him at the same time as thousands of fucking DK's emerged on the outland scene and were raping me over and over and over.  I couldn't do a damn thing and it sucked.  So I started a twink rogue which lasted about 2 weeks and then finally tired a DK myself.

I liked my pally for a bit but it became incredibly boring to play.  Right now I pretty much only play the hunter, but I'm toying around with going back to the Warlock.

I really just want to get a damn toon to level cap though!  lol

Lol I love my Pally. Mainly because I freaking kick ass now. In BG as a level 24 I was 3-shotting level 29's I was taking on 4 people. I didnt die for 10 minutes and didnt even heal lol. I end with the most honor points.

Granted I put Crusader on my Polearm which makes me devastating and I guess consider a twink with that.

glad you are enjoying the pally. dont spend too much coin on weapons or enchants at low levels. by level 30 u will have a new weapon. and every 6-7 levels after that.