New Wrestling Show On Family

Family Channel (A disnet station) will be premering a new show called "Going To The Mat",

Going To The Mat
Comedy Drama
2004 Colour 92 MINS

Andrew Lawrence, Khleo Thomas, D.B. Sweeney, Wayne Brady
Despite being blind, Jace doesn't let anything stand in his way. After his family moves from Manhattan to Salt Lake City, Jace tries to fit into his new highschool by joining the wrestling team. With the support of his friend Vince Shu "Fly" (Khleo Thomas), the guidance of Coach Rice (D.B. Sweeney) and the empathy of a fellow sightless man, his music teacher Mr. Wyatt (Wayne Brady), Jace must first learn to trust his instincts and gain self-acceptance before he can be part of a championship team.

Fri. 01/28/05 at 07:30 pm Premiere
Sat. 02/12/05 at 12:00 noon
Sun. 02/27/05 at 01:30 pm
All times ET/PT

I saw that last year. It was ok but a little bit hokey and predictable.

lol! I saw that. VERY "tv afterschool special" and not very entertaining at all.