New Yamasaki Blackbelt

Congrats to Roberto "Beto" Arruda.

Beto is visiting the USA from Sao Paulo where he helps to run the Sao Paulo academy. Yesterday, he was awarded his blackbelt. Mario Yamasaki, Sr. (Mario and Fernando's father), Mario, Fernando, and Neto were all present.

-David Jacobs


I have a question. You live in Fairfax, how long does it take you to get to Yamasaki?

I live in Tysons corner and am not sure if I would make it to the classes on time with all the shitty traffic.



Sandy if this is after work LOL? It's horrible traffic...make sure if u attempt this to take the BRADDOCK EXIT. The exit to springfield with the mixing bowl will have u stuck for hours. Take Braddock Rd. and get on Edsal Rd to Springfield...will still be VERY VERY BAD but...

Shit, I was think about going up to the Rockville school. Would that be worse?

Do they have Muay Thai at the Va school?

I was driving 50 mins to train before I moved here... But it wasn't in traffic.

I finish work at 4:00pm.

I'm too lazy to go to class late (starting after 7pm) I need something earlier.

I was thinking about NoVa BJJ, but $100 a month is crazy for Blue Belt instructors. I'm nearly a blue myself.

People need to stop pressuring Dave about getting his black belt.
First he needs to learn all the self defense moves, and some
submissions other than wrist locks!

But on the topic, it was really cool to see Beto get his black belt.
That was the first time I saw a black belt awarded. I'm sure that
the spectators at the school thought it was a treat too.



Rockville would be about 1/2 an hour from Tysons. I park at the West Falls Church metro and drive from there to the Rockville academy after work. So, I take the same route that you would be taking.

If your work ends at 4 pm, you'd have plenty of time to get to Rockville.

In 2 weeks, a new Yamasaki school in Chantilly will be opening.

-David Jacobs

Also...GMU has a BJJ program.