New Years BJJ resolutions

apart from the general "get better" which applies to every second of each training session, the first specific things I'm working on are:

1) Learn to more effectively deal with stacking when going for triangles/armbars.

2) no-gi uchi mata without landing in their half guard

While we are talking of 2006, can I just say a late thank

you for 2005 to everyone on the BJJ forum. There isn't even a bluebelt within 100 miles of my house, so most of our training is trying stuff, then looking here for the reasons why it didnt work, and very very slowly improving. Seriously, thank you all.

Win or place in a major tournament. Get my conditioning way up and cut 40 lbs before the pan ams in april.

"to crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and hear the lamentations of the women"

LMAO. Wish I had thought of that!

  1. Improve my conditioning and fitness
  2. Aim for blue belt

I gave up on BJJ for a while and picked up wrestling in the desperate hope that it would add to my BJJ game.

Two more months of wrestling practice and then I will try to fulfill my resolution of implementing my basic wrestling knowledge into my BJJ game.

...and to take 1st at the Pan Ams in the blue belt division... train consistently.

Get in the shape I was in before those frikin' hurricanes.
Brown belt.

Certain life occurences have kept me off the mats for the past two months. My goal is to begin training again, get back into reasonable cardio shape, and pursue my purple belt.

Hmmmm. I'm going to learn every move in my dvd library one dvd at a time, adding what works for me to my game. I'll do this by practicing 4-5 moves from one dvd every week until I am finished with them all (this will probably take longer than a year). I will develop each area of my game and use class time instruction to round myself off in other areas. Im starting with the guard.

I've already started with Tinguinha's Sitting Up Guard. Next up, Marcelo Garcia then T's Cross Guard.

Earn a brown belt

1) train 6 days/week

2) get more aggressive when passing guard and going for finishes
from top

3) work harder on my flexibility and yoga, and hopefully avoid major

4) purple

1)Train 5 to 6 days per week

2)Tap all my fellow blues

Write Stuff Down...leave class very tired and looking forward to tomorrow's.

jog 2-4km's three or four times a week


let people get me in guard and the hit the guard pass hard

let people get me in side control and escape


To get back in shape and actually show up to class more!

1) To concentrate on getting 1 particular submission a month... This month it's a straight armbar.

2) Improve my fitness

1) improve my half guard sweeps

2) improve my preventative defense (not escapes -- counter earlier)

this forum will hopefully have 20 new purples by the end of the year!

Probably be a good motivator to have a moderator pull up this thread this December to see where people stand on their resolutions. Good luck!

"20 purples by the end of the year"

Make that 21!