New Years Chicken

OK, this came out pretty good, though I am not much of a bbq sauce expert, so I might have committed some sort of sacrilege, I don't know...but I like it.

First off, like I said I'm not a bbq sauce aficionado, but I bought a few different sauces at Trader Joe's to give them a taste. The main house brand bbq sauce tasted darn good to me. One of the other sauces I tried was their mole sauce. This I didn't like. I could swear I tasted cinnamon in there (which I hate), though there was none listed on the lable.

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The mole sauce did have some overtones I liked however, and I thought there was even some flavors that would kinda match the bbq sauce, so I mixed some different ratios and found that they did go well together.

So here, I've dumped the entire bottle of the TJ's bbq sauce on the chicken, and then added a half bottle of the mole sauce:

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Then I mixed it all together to marinate overnight...another bbq sin I suppose (using it as a marinade as opposed to baste).

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The next day I drained and squeezed it off. You never want a soup of marinade when broiling, frying, or grilling. Also because with this kind of sauce/marinade you really have to keep an eye out for burning.

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And here it is broiled, done, and resting. Super easy and tasty!

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there is cinnamon in most mole.

that looks like it came out pretty good, btw, i have about 6 preportioned, pre marinated bags of chicken thighs in my freezer right now.

i'm so hooked on this it isnt even funny

lol, right on!

Looks delicious, as usual. Thanks for the post.