New Year's Eve Tv Ratings


1. Red & White (Kohaku) Music Festival - 39.6%
2. K-1 12/31 Nagoya Dome - 17.4%
3. PRIDE 12/31 Saitama Super Arena - 10.9%
4. Inoki 12/31 Kobe Wing Stadium - 3.7%
5. Others (Beat Takeshi on TV-Asahi, TV-Tokyo movie, etc.) - 28.4

We're talking about $60 million dollars that was on the line here with the three MMA shows. If Nippon TV ends up taking a $20 million dollar hit for a sub-5.0% rating, that will be financially devastating. It will also almost assuredly destroy any credibility Antonio Inoki has left with TV networks and puts New Japan into a critical situation where TV-Asahi holds all the chips.

The half glass-full way to look at this is that MMA had a 32% overall audience watching on TV and that Kohaku hit or is below the 40% rating mark - which has to be a very demoralizing blow for NHK. Tokyo Broadcasting System is such a clear winner here, it's not funny. TV-Asahi is also a huge winner with their Beat Takeshi show because they didn't spend millions of dollars to compete with the big boys. Fuji TV cannot be happy with that 10.9% rating considering the amount of money they also poured into the PRIDE show.

Legitimate, official numbers will be released by Video Research Ltd. Co. Japan on Friday.

Great Post.
I really thought K-1 and Pride would be alot closer even with Inoki's show (from recent numbers).
How much of the 6.5% do think is the Sapp/Akebono factor?
You can see why Inoki's lip hit the ground following Cro cop's departure.

Im not sure. Supposedly these are just the preliminary ratings. mainichi might do the breakdown tommorrow with the final ratings. Did anyone care about the contreversial Nakamura/Ignashov? Was the fight boring lnp or something?

Im glad Pride and K-1 kicked Inoki's ass

Are there negative repercussions for Pride? Sapp vs. Akebono in MMA would have been good for Pride... surprised Pride didn't think of it...

1 Kohaku Music Festival - 45.9% (all time low, remember this is the most popular TV show in Japan)

2 K-1 Dynamite - 19.5% (all time high for the rival progarams against Kohaku)

3 Pride - 17.2%

5 Inoki - 5.1%

K-1 and Pride did extremely well. Inoki's show was a disaster business-wise and entertainment-wise. The audience looked dead.