new years fights in Japan

one of my buddies said that there were gonna be alot of fights over in Japan around new years. Im right next door in Korea so I really wana head over there. I need as much info as possible so I can start planning and getting my passport. Dates especially. Thanks in advance

Inoki, PRIDE, Shooto, K-1, and Pancrase all do big shows on 12-31.

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I will be there with ya. Got to save some $ first. Then find out on how to get tix.

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Pride will be held at Saitama Super Arena again. K-1 will be having its new year show in Osaka. Inoki will also be doing a show again, but this time in Korea

contrabando, where are you in korea? I'm in kunsan.

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Hey SILK when is Inoki's show in Korea? Goddam it man now I'm pumped. Inoki's events are usualloy pretty sweet. J Roc I'm up in AREA I by Camp Casey. We are in 2 seperate worlds, however if this Inoki shit goes down we might have to meet up. Q Typ you should get a package within 2 weeks. Does Tommy want anything or did you let him go.As for this trip to Japan, I wanna stay with Tyler if possible cause I'm trying to do it cheap. But we might have to get on the ball. Thanks guys

Tommy is packed away with the rest of my shit while in the moving process. As for Japan, the cheaper the better. As long as we do the following; get shit faced every night, get some sweet Japanese tail, watch one or more of the events, explore the city a little, and get shit faced every night.

As far as I know it will be the same date as the others-new years eve.

QTyp - sounds like a good plan you've got there! Any more space?