New Years in Lethbridge

Hey Boys! Just wondering if there are many guys coming down for the fights here on New Years? The fights are you going to be crazy and the after parties even crazier. I just wanted to who wants to come out and enjoy the Lethbridge night life afterwards. I can maybe hook up some transportation and make sure that everyone can get into the New Years festivities(spelling?).

I was gonna go but if jonathan is going i am out!

I booked my hotel tickets just now. Booked a room at the Ramada, got a corporate rate $109 for a room with 2 queen beds with breakfast, not a bad deal.

Was wondering though, how can I get my tix cuz it looks like the box office will be closed to pick up my tickets (or will it be open).

Jay is Ricco still fighting the guys at the gym heard a rumor that he wasn't able to come out??? Hopefully this is not true. I know a lot of us are hoping to see J-Rod fight Ricco. Merry Christmas.

No Ricco?

Jonathon no prob man you can crash on my couch any time, i got 5 to chose from, but i got to warn you my dog will try to cuddle with you. Dilly get your ass down here, i owe you from your fight night for that ridiculous display.

And yes the rumors are true Ricco has pulled out of the fight. I dont know the specifics yet but Jrod is very disapointed, Lee is working hard to find a replacement but so hard with two weeks notice and it being New Years. Its hard enough finding guys to fight him at the best of times.

Bkarimib i will look into the ticket thing, when is closed? I am sure it will be open for the fights. Your at the ramada... good after the party we are going waterslidin.

What about someone like Royden Doepker. If he's not busy and contracted with any other fights?

Ricco aint fighting, too bad, still gonna come down. Card is still stacked with guys i wanna see for sure... day, chambers, tavernini, tamaki, etc etc. all in all a big fan of the lethbridge crew.

yea enmax website says that ticket office is closed on sunday, and well the event is on sunday, i'm gonna phone tomorrow and try to straighten it out.

no one wants to see me watersliding.

I look like an outta shape Wolverine.

I would love to come down Jay but i have to work New Years eve. One of these days we'll do it up. Good luck too bro if we don't together before hand for some training. Your a monster, WAR Jay Day!

Checked with the Enmax center, I can pick up my tickets at the reservations desk on the day of the event.

WOOT! Can't wait for the roadtrip and the event.

I'll be coming down. I'm a;ready warming up my drinking muscles!

Royden is a name draw in Lethbridge and a very tough fight, but not as big a name for main event cable as Rodrigues. I suggest....wait for it......Mark Kerr.

Here me out. Lee Mein trains with Bas, who is good friends with Kerr. Kerr has been trying to make a comeback. I know that the bottom line of what they offered Ricco was big dollars for grassroots mma(more then 10 G's but less then 20 just to show). I'm sure they could get Kerr(or anyone else for that matter)for a fraction of that.

Other suggestions- Tank Abbot, Paul Buentello, Eric Pele, "The Soz"Krystoff Sozynski(can't spell), Ben Rothwell.How expensive are these guys?

Kerr would be nuts!

All your suggestions are good in my opinion. Would also like to add Wesley "Cabbage" Correira, Vladimir "The Janitor" Matyushenko, Wes "The Project" Sims, or Scott Junk, Ron "H2O" Waterman, or "Big Daddy" Gary Goodridge to the list.

Also cuz I like freakshow fights, how bout Henry "Sentoryu" Miller.

Freakshows, yeah, I like them too. but, seeing how jared is so big, maybe they should go the other way with this.

Royler Gracie, Genki Sudo, Duane Ludwig, Carlos Newton. JUst some suggestions.

Are you saying Jared is a freakshow? :)

Also I think a few of those guys are contractually obligated or too high priced.

Also I dunno if those kinda fights would be allowed in Canada do to the weight differential.

But man do I love freakshow fights. Set up a freakshow match!

Jared isn't a freakshow, but him against a 170 is.
Think Genki vs. Butterbean. A good guy that always tilts is Yanne pellerin(leastwise anytime I see him fight).

It sucks that Ricco fell through. It was a win-win fight for Kilkenny.

Yea but in Genki and Butterbean, Butterbean was the freakshow.

So for Jared not to be the freakshow in a freakshow match up, we need him to fight someone like Henry "Sentoryu" Miller.

Also Big Daddy would be great, it would be a CRAZY fight.

is there still tickets? will it be hard to get in if i show up at on the night of the evnet???

'Yea but in Genki and Butterbean, Butterbean was the freakshow.'

I thought it was the whole animal planet nature of the fight. Kind of Like Royce vs. Akebono.