New Year's real fight experience!

I just thought I'd share this story with all of you.

One of our white belts that has been training for about a year now had an experience New Year's Eve. He's about 190 and he's a decent athlete and pretty technical for his size. He was hanging outside a friend's house when all of sudden 5 guys in their early 20's started walking in and tearing up his friend's house. I guess they were actually invading the house. Anyway he hits one of the guys and knocks him senseless and his buddy takes down my student with a tackle. He's in the guard holding traditionally the head and overhooking the arm while the guy tries to use his arms. We had just been going over keylocks in class and he snaps the guy's head in the armpit and locks up a kimura while the guy is inside the guard. He cranks it behind the guy's back and he screams of course. Then my student yells, "You guys better get the "F" out of here or I'm gonna break your buddy's arm." Then he says as one of the friends approaches, "Don't come any closer, I swear to God I'll break it!" Then the guys run away and my student has saved the day. After hearing it, I thought..."What if he did traditional M.A.?" Who knows....he might have been taken down and pounded out by all of them. Then it made me feel good that what I am teaching is being put to use and it works.(As if I didn't believe it worked before)

Anyway...thought I'd share this true multiple attacker scenario.

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Brian Peterson

If he did traditional MA no doubt he would have knocked out all five with a 360 degree spin kick and would have been able to detain them until the police arrived. As it was, he sent them back out into the night for a TKD yellow belt to deal with.

'and his buddy takes down my student with a tackle.'

Do you not teach takedown defence?

that was just a modest way of saying that his kid pulled guard...

"'and his buddy takes down my student with a tackle.'

Do you not teach takedown defence?"

Yes I do teach a lot of takedown defense. The way it was explained to me, when he hit one of the guys, another pretty much shot in and took him down blind sided. Another reason is probably because he's been training a year.

His response when I asked about locking up the kimura was, "It was sooo easy, he didn't know what to do"



Well it look like the guard DOES work on the street... I hope he broke the guy's arm anyway...

Only cause the guys weren't hard. I am glad this worked out but it could have turned out like this, an attacker tells the kid "if you break his arm, we will break every limb in your body now let him up before I punt your head through the friggin wall".

I am glad it worked out but I saw many well trained folks get hurt using hand to hand in the real world. You should always have supplements to your MMA (e.g. pepper spray, impact weapons, knives, guns etc) and train in all of them (transitioning between weapon systems and using them together is very important) if your primary purpose of training is to protect yourself and those you care about.

as i was reading this i thought, it be perfect if he gets one of em in a submission and threatens to the others that he'll break something of the guys (arms, legs whatever), then it happened... good shit.

Agrees with king@queens...

Your friends a dumbass, the arm doesnt break, all the damage is down to the shoulder. Those punks should have called a bluff and rushed the whitey. LOL..jk
Great story.


In that situation, I would've went over and stomped on your students head.

That guy's shoulder may have gotten jacked up a little, but it would be his fault for getting caught.

lol at shawn... thats two good ones my friend

I smell the heady aroma of bovine feces.

"And then, he would have kicked your ass for being a lousy friend."

Riiiight. He has no BJJ experience!

I would've broke his other shoulder if he wanted to fuck around.


It wasn't a stupid move. He did what he had to in the situation. I talked again to him today. He didn't want to get taken down. It's just very fortunate that his bjj saved his ass. is just a real life occurrence that proved ground grappling in the street 'can' be very effective. He added today that after the guys decided to take off, he let their friend go and kicked him away and stood up in base. The guy acted like he wanted to fight more...but then he thought twice and ran off only to be caught by the police a hundred yards away. I guess there were over 30 witnesses who saw it and told the cops how those guys were causing trouble.


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