New Years Showson Pay-per-View

I was wondering when the Pride, Inoki Show and K-1 are to be seen on pay-per-view.

What are the rules regarding posting results?


Pride = No PPV, it will be on DVD in a couple months

Inoki = No PPV, no way to get it legally

K-1 = Will be on PPV in about 2-3 weeks.

ThomasBJJ is mistaken. This K-1 event will not be aired on PPV. The K-1 MAX event from November (headlined by Masato vs. Cool Vince Phillips) will be aired on US PPV on January 16.

Thanks guys.

Ryan G,
How do you stay so well informed? I always figured myself a well informed MMA fan but you seem to know everything. Last I heard, was - you were a 16 year old kid. That was some time ago.

I read a lot about the sport, I have a very good memory, and I watch far too many MMA tapes.

oops. I thought sure it was gonna be the New Years eve card on PPV. Oh well, sorry.