New York City BJJ - Where?

I'm probably going to be in NYC around the turn of the year visiting my sister for 5 days or so. Does anyone know of places I can train, prices, etc?

She lives in Manhattan, pretty much next to Tompkins Square Park, if that helps. I won't have a car, and any travel I have to do will be me trying to navigate the subways, buses, etc, on my own. Thanks in advance.

Go to you will find what your looking for there, get in touch with 'Arahna'.. he's a bjj blackbelt and teaches in NYC.

Um, there's this other guy in nyc. His name is Renzo, and I think he's got a black belt too.

Yeah, I heard about that Renzo guy too.

if you're going to be in tompkins square park, i would say that renzo's is pretty easy to get to from there. you can take this route, i used to do it:

take the NR train from the Broadway Stop to Herald Square. renzo's is only a couple blocks away at 30th, between 7th and 8th Avenues. it should take you about 30 minutes door to door.

Thanks skimhead -

Anyone else have any input? I looked up 'Arahna' on the web, seems like he teaches in Poughkeepsie, which if I'm not mistaken, is kinda far away...

Renzo's is easy to get to, I walked there from times square with no problems, awsome place.

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Renzo guy very good jiujitsu. And good students as well.

i agree with computerwarrior! go to renzo's!!!

The coolest part is, I'll be in Times Square for New Year's!

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the only thing you need to know is Renzo.

best caliber of training partners and they are cool w/ me when i go down and roll. Renzo is a very likable guy.

get Lynn@Renzos attention here. 'She' knows everything you want to know. directions, etc. Renzo's is no joke, one block from Penn station. it was a 1 minute walk from penn station.

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goph...drop me an email at: and I'll help
you out anyway that I can. I promise, you will love our academy
and feel completely welcomed there.

Enjoy your trip to NYC!


Renzo Gracie Association