The underground combat league will have it's first grappling event intitled " The Last Man Standing Championships". The LMSC will have 4 weight divisions and a point system to determine who will qualify to compete in the single - elimination - open division
The weight classes are as follows:

Heavyweight: 200lbs +

Middleweight: 199 - 175lbs

Welterweight: 174lbs - 156lbs

Lightweight: 155lbs - under

A minimum of two matches in each weight division is required ( possibly more, depending on the number of competitors in said division). The point system to determine who advances is as follows:

10 points for any kind of a leglock( heelhook, kneebar, anklelock...etc)

8 points for any kind of armlock ( armbars, kimoras, keylocks...etc)

7 points for any kind of choke

5 points for a victory via judges decision

3 points (each) for a draw via judges decision

2 points ( bonus ) for any victories within the first round

After all 4 weight divisions have ran these courses, ( according to the point system) the top 2 competitors for each division will qualify for the open division. The open division will be a single elimination tournament with each match being (1) 5 minute round. All weight division matches are 3x3 minute round/periods. If a qualifying player choses not to compete in the open division, the next placed competitor will take his place.

Note... The competitors mar or may not enter with kimonos/gi. The preference is theirs.

High impact slams/ throws are all legal. Strikes of any kind to any part of the body is/are illegal. All matches begin from the standing position. Once on the ground, BOTH competitors must improve positions by going for submissions. This is a submission competition, not a point competition where one can stall. At the referees discretion, he can stand the match up at any time for inactivity. A competitor will get approximately 15 seconds to transition from one technique to another. (The point system for the event is only implemeinted after the match and is only used for weating in the open weight division)

After a match, if a winner has yet to be declared, 3 judges will make a decision. Majority decision wins, meaning if two judges declare the match a draw, the match will end in a draw.

Regristration fee for the event is $20. All weight division winner will recieve a trophy and plaque as will the open weight division winner.

Note... Judging Criteria will be based on technique and aggression

All competitors intending on competing must register by Moday, may 9th. A schedule will be posted shortly on where to compete. Tickets will be $20.

For more information, email:

we need at least 4 competitors to fill up each division.


I'll try to not get lost this time.

willybone, i'm sending you a GPS.


The website for this promotion is:

Willybone, I'll email you soon. My exams will be done in a few weeks, then we should meet up.



Anyone confirmed yet?


Joseph Cunliffe,

well, planet jiu-jitsu has competitors, space has some people, coney island wrestling club, justin garcia, carmine zoochie, bryan vetell, individual judo players. Oh and Peter Storm will be facing Matt Fischer in an NHB match. we should have a good show
oh and rene dreifuss will be fighting nhb as well.


read the very first post. it will give you the information about the event. yes we do have divisions. location you can get by emailing me at



so, who's going to be making it to the grappling event on sunday 22nd?


I'll be there watching and taping for posterity.

Do we have a location yet?

where at in NY is the tourn?

are the brackets set yet?

Shaq Daddy

location please??

its kind of funny that no one knows the location, maybe it would be a good idea to let the public know? Tom D

it's at the same place as last time. starts at 3 or 4.