New York Kneegrows (feedback)

PG J. Tinsley (Ind - PG)
SG P. Pierce (Bos - SG)
G M. Finley (Dal - GF)
SF K. Brown (Phi - GF)
PF J. O'Neal (Ind - PF)
F Z. Randolph (Por - PF)
C T. Ratliff (Por - FC)
C R. LaFrentz (Bos - FC)
Util E. Jones (Mia - SG)
Util K. Thomas (Phi - PF)
BN C. Wilcox (LAC - PF)
BN J. McInnis (Cle - SG)
BN E. Strickland (Mil - PG)

What do you guys think?

Are these guys all from new york?

If so, Stephon Marbury should be the point guard.

Wilcox may suprise Id say u need more scoring and ur Centers are weak sorry Ur first 3 picks were excellent though

Yeah I thought as much, Danger.. I think Assists and steals will hurt me, assists to a lesser extent?

I think my big men stats will be decent enough. I added Michael Sweetney (although it hasn't shown up yet?). And I just dropped E. Strickland to pick up S. Claxton.

finley racked up 7 assists his last game. he might be doing alot more of the passing since dallas' new point guards are still learning the system.

Really WW?  I'm not even sure how to check my draft picks. lol

Is Ratliffe a weak choice for center? I figured he's the league's shot blocking leader and a great defender.

Too bad he doesn't score though =*(

someone analize mine PG Davis SG S Jackson G Nash FWDs D Howard,Marion,Jefferson Cs M Jackson, Nene and Curry U Gooden,R Murray backups Boykins Jackson or Nene and Deng

Damn you WW, I wanted RJ =\

I like your squad though. Curry will put up some nice numbers this year as its a contract "breakout" year. Godden and Howard are nice picks for a the PF.

Ratliff to me is a one demensional player Blocked shots and a few boards PLus he has Randolph and other players to comtend with Hes average Id say.Finley has to share the ball with J Howard ,Stackhouse and M Daniels Ive never been a fan of Finley for fantasy hoops.Claxton will be a backup but id take him over Strikland and will be a decent backup for u

Sweetney may get some playing time especially if they trade Thomas

watched Gooden last night in pre season Hes gunna put up some good numbers Im happy with that pick

I've been thinking about my team and I realize they won't be as bad as I thought.

Is any other team in the league going to get more blocks and rebounds?

Wierd how my team is basically the Pacers/Jailblazers/Celtics...