New York Law School – your opinion

Hi everyone,

Since I was rejected by Brooklyn Law School for early admission, my options are now New York Law School, Cardozo, St. Johns, and finally CUNY Law. I believe New York Law School is where I have the best chance to get in and therefore am wondering what people have to say about it or for that matter any of the schools that I have listed above.

Thank you

My stats...

GPA: 3.1

4 years of full time work experience as a content manager/web developer for Citigroup while being a full time night student at college.

I'm interested in only NY schools because I work in NY and am not ready to relocate at this point.


Look into New York Law School's placement statistics and see how they fit your goals. Scrutinize them though, often schools will just list average/mean salaries, but the pool they draw the average from only represents a low % of the class, i.e. only 65% reported.

To be honest, I spent my last summer in NYC (summer b/w my first and second year), and I didn't get the impression New York Law School had a strong reputation. But, if you do well, I think you would def. have some good options.

my exGF did her first year at New York Law School and then transferred to Washington College of Law in DC. she didn't like NYLS - felt it was a little too ghetto. she scoffed at CUNY law.

i've heard good things about St. John's.