New Zealand goes Ultra Woke

There are no original settlers, everyone alive to day most likely has ancestors that have been oppressed and DEFINITELY has ancestors that did some oppressing…

Don’t forget the menehune. They were short in stature and politely told to gtfo when the bigger Polynesian guys came.

Pretty much. All groups battled one another and lots of in-fighting. Land was fought for and lost.

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The Moari aren’t even considered indigenous, which makes this a little funnier.

Customary Rights to Indigenous People But Maori are not Indigenous to New Zealand | One New Zealand Foundation Inc..

This new world order doesn’t stop. They are called “progressives” This doesn’t stop. It keeps going more of the rails. These freaks have no desire to live in a society with norms and rules.

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This is such a good point…Fundamental to the name is that you always have to be moving…doing something for the sake of doing something…In life this gets people into trouble…

It makes sense as a good portion of their support comes from women, who have a reputation of finding drama and conflict for the sake of it (although there’s an evolutionary purpose to this as well)…